Business Ethic

​​​​​Basis Engineering's activities must be performed in full respect of the law, in fair competition, with honesty, integrity and good faith​, with due respect for the legitimate interests of its customers, employees, shareholders, commercial and financial partners and of the communities where it is present. 

Due to the complexity of the situations in which operates, it is important to define clearly the values that Basis accepts, acknowledges and shares as well as the responsibilities assumed inside and outside Basis itself. For this reason a Code of Practice has been produced and adopted with a resolution of the Board of Directors. Respect of the Code by every employee is of par​amount importance for the good functioning, reliability and reputation of Basis, all of which are crucial factors for its success. Apart from fulfilling their general duties of loyalty, fairness and the perfomance of their labour contract in good faith, employees must respect company rules and comply with the Code; which is also mandatory under existing italian laws. 

Basis undertakes to promote awareness of the Code among its employees and to facilitate their constructive contribution to the Code's content​s.

Basis checks compliance with the Code by providing suitable information, prevention and control instruments and by ensuring transparency in all operations and conduct by taking corrective measures if and as required. 

Via the Internet Site of the Group, the Code is brought to the attention of every person or body having business relations with Basis.