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Helideck turbulence CFD study - Persian Gulf offshore living quarter

9/20/2018 11:30 AM


An article written by Francesco Saviozzi - HSE Design Discipline Manager, Basis Engineering Srl - and Claudio Basilico -  Chairman and Gaël Raymond Guédon, Associate of PoliEngineering Srl, has been published in the magazine Impiantistica Italiana July/August 2018.

Here below abstract and link to the article:


Title: Helideck turbulence CFD study - Persian Gulf offshore living quarter

English abstract

In the framework of evaluating the occupational risks for offshore platforms, the transport factor represents one of the key and most important element in the contribution to overall risk for people working on the installation. International helidecks standards, like the "CAP 437: Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas", define distinctive guidelines and parameters to be assessed to establish the acceptability of the helideck design in terms of turbulence affecting the helicopter approach/landing stage. During the EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) phase of an offshore living quarter platform located in the Persian Gulf a detailed and comprehensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) turbulence study for the Helideck has been carried out in order to confirm the adequacy of the design of the installation in terms of safety and general arrangement issues. In addition, the outcomes of the analysis can be directly used, on a daily basis, by both the helicopters operators as well as the helicopter landing officer to establish if the environmental conditions at any given moment are suitable for the helicopter to land safely on the platform.