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OMC 2017 - Mondelli's speech about "Technological Frontier Experiences"

3/31/2017 12:00 AM

Ravenna, OMC 2017 – During the session “THE FUTURE OF THE PLATFORMS AND BLUE ECONOMY: DECOMMISSIONING, MULTIPURPOSE OR OTHER USES?” organized by “Ministero dell’Economia e dello Sviluppo”, Mr Nicola Mondelli, Chief Operations Officer of Basis Engineering,  presented his speech about “Technological Frontier Experiences".


This is the abstract of the article written together with the colleague Andrea Rubiu:


“Engineering solutions are investigated to return a new life cycle to the Adriatic offshore production platforms by means of hybrid renewable energy systems.

The reuse of the existing Adriatic offshore infrastructures such as platforms and sealines may contribute to make these investments economical feasible and to defer the associated decommissioning costs.

Three different Business Cases have been investigated together with relevant CAPEX and OPEX evaluations.”