Bonaccia NW Development Project

Status: Completed

Scope of Work

Basic/FEED Engineering - Gas production platform

Project Description

The Bonaccia NW is a gas production platform located in the Italian sector of northern Adriatic sea, 65 Km far from the Italian coast in a water depth of about 87 meters.

The produced gas is exported through a 10" sealine connecting Bonaccia NW to Bonaccia platform; the Bonaccia NW platform facilities are designed to meet the following targets:

  • field gas exploiting and processing;
  • gas export from Bonaccia NW to Bonaccia platform;
  • treatment of oily-water produced on the platform.

The gas production platform is fed from four double completion producing wells.

Technical Details

​Engineering man-hours: 10.000

The main Platform process data can be summarized as follows:

N° of wells:4, dual completion type each
Maximum well gas production:1.000.000 Sm3/d
Design well gas production:1.200.000 Sm3/d
Maximum string well gas production:125.000 Sm3/d
Design string well gas production:150.000 Sm3/d
Design water production:30 m3/d
FTHP max:98,1 bara
FTHP min:17 bara
STHP:142 bara
Flowing top head temperature20 °C
Platform design life25 years
Operating period365 d/year (continuously)