Canonica D'Adda Project

Status: Completed

Scope of Work

Basic Design and FEED Engineering of a new oil/gas terminal (process facilities, utilities, stoage system & pipeline)

Project Description

​​Canonica D'Adda Project is relevant to a new gas and condensate treatment terminal, with associated pipelines to improve the Canonica D'Adda field production capacity.

The main Plant facilities are relevant to the gas treatment (separation and dehydration) and condensate stabilization to deliver on-spec product to the National grid and to Sannazzaro Refinery respectively.

Hot oil system and DEG units are foreseen to support the gas and condensate treatment facilities.

The project includes also 15 km 8" multiphase pipeline connecting the well area to the gas treatment plant and 3 km 4" water disposal pipeline.

Technical Details

Engineering man-hours: 32.900

Gas Production: 500 kStdm3/d

Condensate Production: 3000 bbl/d

Main process units: ​3 ph separation, gas dehydration, gas compression, condensate stabilisation, process water treatment