Zatchi B Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

Status: Completed

Scope of Work

Feasibility Study

Project Description

​​​​​ZATCHI B Enhanced Oil Recovery Project - Topside Upgrading for Steam Injection.

  • Assessment of Zatchi platform in order to check all the bottlenecks that could impact the topside facilities performances and safety 
  • Identify a sustainable and reliable water lifting and treatment system for steam production purposes
  • Identify a sustainable and reliable steam production system, able of feeding the steam injection facilities
  • Verify the sustainability of the new production from the existing treatment system
  • Deliver tender documents for Concept Definition phase (FFED)
  • Provide preliminary design aiming maximum flexibility in the system in order to sustain as much as possible any change in production profiles

Technical Details

Type of plant: Manned Production Platform

Engineering man-hours: 18.000

Water Depth​​: 230ft


Production of steam to be injected at the wellhead. The type of steam generators investigated are:

  • Classical water tube boiler-Drum with energy recovery by means feed water preheating with  exhaust fumes from turbines (HRSG) - Duty 55.37 MW;
  • Classical water tube boiler-Drum without recovery heaters from turbines exit flue (Without heat recovery) . Duty 71,40 MW;
  • Once through steam generation with recovery by means the exhaust gas flowing horizontally through the steam generator (OSTG) – Duty73,32 MW.​​