Qualification Process - GIANO

​​Rosetti Marino Group created inside Procurement Department a specific role fully dedicated and responsible for the qualification of Vendors. We call it QVF(Qualifica e Valutazione Fornitori- Qualification and Evaluation of Vendors). He will analyze the feedback results and declaration coming by candidate Vendor. He will also evaluate the need to involve technical specialist or, to undertake an audit to Vendor to validate the qualification contents.

Stage 1 – Self Nomination​

Register the name of your Company in "Giano" Data Base and get the username and password to access your own area. Complete the section A of the informative questionnaire, the Good/Services categories and the commercial areas in which you operate. This first registration will take around 15 minutes and will start your qualification process. The QVF will get to know your Company.

Stage 2 – Prequalification

In case your company profile results of interest for Rosetti Marino Group you will be asked to proceed with Stage 2. Complete the other parts of the informative questionnaire and the evaluation questionnaire. Depending on the information you provide, you may be contacted in any moment by the QVF in order to provide additional information.

Stage 3 – Qualification

You will be notified by email when the process of qualification carried out by the QVF is completed. If you are qualified for one of the Companies of Rosetti Marino Group you will be inserted in the Vendor Data Bank and you can be selected for inquires. You can always check your qualification status by entering the Vendor Area with your username and password.